Amber Barnes


I’m glad you’re here.

I’m Amber Barnes and I’m a people developer with a heart for helping leaders become a force for good in the world.

What do I mean by leaders? For me, it’s the people who accept accountability for cultivating the potential in people and those who inspire positive change in the world.

I’m the creator of StartHuman, a leadership development practice, on a mission to re-humanize the workplace.


First and foremost, I believe that who and how we are as people informs who and how we are as leaders. What’s happening on the inside always bleeds into how we show up in the world.

Secondly, each and every person has the ability to change. The adage “I am what I am” fails to reflect what we know about human development.

And lastly, business is personal. Period.

Ways to work with me: 

  • Personal Development: Attend a Daring Way™ or Rising Strong™ retreat or work with me one on one via a coaching relationship.
  • Professional Development: Attend a StartHuman Leadership Program or explore leadership coaching with me.
  • Organizational Development: Partner with StartHuman for consulting, facilitation, and training.
  • Speaking: Partner with me to bring an inspiring, grounding, and action-oriented keynote or presentation to your next event or team meeting.