Engaged For Success

The Challenge. Employee engagement is a priority for every leader. Engaged employees are much more effective and motivated workers. One of the best tools for promoting this factor is vision: it is the driving force for the business and, if communicated, can be the driving force for employees as well. However, if employees are not in tune with the company vision, or are not even aware of it, how could they possibly become engaged with it?

The Facts. An amazing 84% of engaged employees feel that they can positively impact the companies they work for, and this is a very powerful concept that business leaders can capitalized upon. However, in the workforce, approximately 54% of employees are not engaged at all—that’s more than half. When employees feel disengaged, employers can expect a loss of creativity, innovation, problem solving, passion and even well-being. Ouch.

The Cure. Leaders can openly share the company’s vision early and frequently. If it changes, grows or adapts, employers can share that too. If everyone doesn’t understand what their purpose is in the company and how to align with it, they are essentially flying blind, which makes it very easy to become disengaged and disinterested. When someone gets off track, leaders can take note and redirect them. This maintains a focused and envisioned group of employees that will far outperform disengaged workers.

Essentially, the more engaged the employees are the more productive, innovative and happy the workplace will be. In order to make this happen, leaders must play their part. Vision is one of the most powerful tools in their belt, and if communicated effectively, it can change the way employees feel: more engaged, more creative, more passionate about their work.

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