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Bad Behavior: Are you a jerk?

One of the biggest mistakes that leaders make is behaving like a jerk. Here are five indicators that your team might perceive you as jerk: 1.     You criticize character rather than behavior You might disagree with an employee’s behavior or decision, but attacking someone’s character will likely earn you the title of jerk. When you […]


Recently I heard someone say that humans are born with only two fears, fear of falling and fear of loud noise. Everything else is learned. That doesn’t mean that fear isn’t real or justified, but it does mean that fear can be conquered—not unlearned, but conquered. Fear can be grouped into two categories: those that […]

“Insider Tidbits for Unleashing Limitless Potential”

I am pleased to announce that I am launching my interactive blog on July 5th. In my profession, I getto work with leaders and top talent from Fortune 50 organizations, highly successful small businesses and top-notch nonprofits. This blog allows me the opportunity to share with you all I learn from my diverse client base, as […]