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I Admit It: I Wanted Nothing to Do With Brené Brown’s Work

It’s true. I was an active resister of Brené Brown‘s TED Talk, books, blog and research. All of it. One of my classmates from coaching school repeatedly introduced me to her work. All it took were the words shame and vulnerability for me to politely say some version of “thanks, but no thanks. I’ve done my work.” Famous […]

What is Vulnerability-Avoidance Costing You?

Effective leaders have many qualities and skills, but none are more valuable and sought after than courage and authenticity. According to the latest research by Dr. Brené Brown, vulnerability is the birthplace of authenticity and courage.Yet vulnerability avoidance tactics are abundant in the workplace. We mask our feelings and expect everyone around us to suck […]

Vulnerability 101

We’re getting ready for our Daring Leadership™ Retreat and one of the questions that continues to surface is “What does vulnerability have to do with leadership?” Before we answer that question let’s define vulnerability: Uncertainty, emotional exposure, and risk (Dr. Brené Brown, Daring Greatly). Now that we have a shared definition of vulnerability, think of […]