Busy ≠ Productive

Ever have a busy day in which you feel like you accomplished nothing? Sometimes, it seems like no matter how well organized you are, something always pops up and jolts you out of focus. Days like that are simply unavoidable; the quick and dirty trick is understanding how to best maximize every day, even the difficult ones.

I believe Henry David Thoreau said it best:

                   “It is not enough to be busy; so are the ants.

                                         The question is: What are we busy about?”

Having a productive day starts with developing the right mindset the moment we get out of bed. Instead of asking, “What do I have to do today?” a much more beneficial question can be, “What do I want to be actively and attentively engaged in today?”

Being busy simply is not enough, but by becoming actively engaged in projects we will likely find that we become more focused each day. This allows us to make better decisions, being able to weigh the options more fluidly. We are also then able to make time for the things that are the most important–the stuff that really matters. The result is much richer days, ones that allow us to go home feeling a sense of accomplishment each evening.

No matter what curve balls a day hits us with, it is important to regroup. Coming at challenges with the right attitude changes the game entirely. Weighing out our priorities each day allows us to give them our fullest attention. We can’t let things like a flat tire on our way to work, or the Dodgers blowing their chance at the playoffs get in the way of our productivity. By staying actively and attentively engaged with the projects we know require our attention now, makes for much more effective days. Besides, there’s a spare tire in the trunk, and there’s always next season.

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